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Wednesday December 14th 2011

Last Call

What? Like you've never done this before
What? Like you've never done this before

Last Call is kind of like Blogkakke, on crystal meth and LSD. Instead of just posting random links, its a place for you to come and hang out with fellow minded sports fans, alchoholics and amateur comedians. Stop by and tell us a joke, bitch about your local sports team or just spout off about that time you went to Tijuana and starred in the pony show

Musical Warmup:


Hand Turkey: A video for you Americans on your turkey week.
Daddys Sugar Ball: Entertainment news brought to you the DSB way, which means with extra Pennsylvanian snark.
Sports Journalism: Belichick’s critics are coming under harsh fire, from their colleagues.
Smart Football: Nick Saban talks about preparing for ALL possible circumstances.
4th and Fail: What the new LA stadium means for the Jaguars.
Dr. Saturday: Urban Meyer expresses something called emotions? What the fuck are those?
Purple Jesus Diaries: I really dislike the Vikings. Not hate, but a very large dislike. Having said that, I like PJD’s writing so I present his wrapup of the Vikings game.
SB Nation: Spencer Hall presents this weeks alphabetical. A weekly breakdown of college football with something for every letter of the alphabet.
Sportress of Blogitude: Some silly Los Angeles residents are putting in requests for tickets to the NFL team that they don’t even have. And by some, I mean well over 100,000. And by silly, I mean paint huffing.
The Sporting Blog: Tim Tebow, future coach, and the 5 best players turned college coaches.

For the Lads:


For the Ladies:


For Alianthus Altissima:


For Mr. Red Devil:


Bonus Song:

02 Track 2 This song is by some 17 year old kids I work with. Let me know you’re thoughts on it, and I have others for the coming weeks.

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