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Thursday September 29th 2011

Steve Phillips is a Giant Douche

So I did a Using Logic skit on the whole Steve Phillips situation a few months ago. I loved it. I always liked Steve Phillips as an announcer and a person but the whole situation was ridiculous. Deadspin now is saying that Phillips is attributing his sex addiction to a traumatic childhood experience. Pfffttt. This is just getting stupid. Even after that fantastic South Park episode on all the guys with “sex addictions” blaming their problems and ruined lives on the stupidest stuff imaginable. I don’t feel like linking the episode, I’m sure you can find it yourself. There’s this new thing called “Google” out, you lazy fuck.

I mean, c’mon Jesse James. Nazi sex rehab? That sounds like a bad Schindler’s List porn remake. Give me a break. South Park has outed you Tiger Woods, Dave Letterman, Bill Clinton, Dave Duchovny, Steve Phillips and Gimp. There is no hiding anymore. Get over it, you’re just bad people who made a mistake. Now man up and pay your wife half!

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2 Comments for “Steve Phillips is a Giant Douche”

  • Nonpopulist says:

    May I present internet porn as an alternative for these people. You can still get addicted, but there’s less chance of media exposure as long as you do the deed in the sanctity of your own home. I know it’s not as glamorous and doesn’t stroke their ego, though.

  • Bearcat says:

    Stroking the ego… what else is a guy to do while watching internet porn.

    /looks up ego in dictionary.

    Please disregard this comment.

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