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Saturday August 20th 2011

Last Call: The I Did It Again Edition

An oldie but a goodie.

Good evening you sniffers of fine vintage taint. Again, I’m out of the house right now and didn’t set this up properly. So come in and discuss whatever it is that warms the cockles of your heart. I’ll be home shortly and will reward you with finest cheesecake, music, comedy and linkage the Internet has to offer. Ciao.

Musical Interlude:

Purple Jesus Diaries: The infamous, exclusive and 100% legit Randy Moss speech. Too legit to quit even.
WWTDD: For the second day in a row, Brendan has a post that is Pedobear approved.
Film Drunk: The ten most pretentious Jackass 3D reviews. Really people? Really?
Sportress of Blogitude: See, ESPN doesn’t always suck. Season 5 of Mayne street is about to begin.
Daddys Sugar Ball: The DSB guys are getting all grown up as they launch a new sister site. Congrats ladies.
The Tasty Kitchen Blog: A new user fueled recipe blog by The Pioneer Woman. This specific recipe looks fantastic and rather mouth watering.
Posted Sports: Bruce Arthur presents his excellent, as always, take on the NFL and head shots.
Joe Posnanski Blog: Joe presents the top 32 NFL coaches as football players. Yes, there’s only 32 coaches in the NFL. Deal with it.
Press Coverage: If you guys hadn’t heard, Yardbarker has been officially been bought by Fox Sports. Yes, this is now a Fox Sports blog, woot!?! Dan Levy wonders if it’s a big step or the end of independent sports blogs.
EDSBS: The Howard Schnellenberger top 25. Oh dementia.

Bananas Foster Cheesecake(ie, glorious eye candy):

Shera Bechard, aka. Aurora Vaillantcourt
Click to embiggen. Super embiggen. Like doesn’t fit in a 20″ monitor embiggen.

Feta Cheesecake:


It may surprise you, but I’m not an infinite wealth of attractive men. I don’t come across them as often as I do attractive women. So feel free to send requests.

Bonus Video:


Popularity: 3% [?]

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13 Comments for “Last Call: The I Did It Again Edition”

  • Martin says:

    That was a lot of boobs. Sculpty, I salute you!

    Thanks for fixing the Pub, Gally blog!

  • Sculptor?!? says:

    I love how photoshopping out a little bit of reddish-pink NIPPLE skin makes that photo suddenly acceptable. You know, because NIPPLES are toxic to humans, apparently. What’s even better, is they did a color-replace – so the skin texture of the NIPPLE hasn’t been changed.

    • gally says:

      I’m not sure they did that. That picture is part of a set of very, very NSFW full, glorious nudity. I can send you the link if you like.

      • Sculptor?!? says:

        Yeah, they did. It’s extremely subtle and very very well done. I applaud them for it, actually. I just laugh at the hypocrisy of it all – as if by changing the color of skin or obscuring a tiny portion of the anatomy *really* changes things. *snort* Because, you know, the downfall of the Roman Empire can be directly attributed to Caesar seeing a tit.

        • gally says:

          Haha. Fair enough. I don’t get why they’d do it though. It’s a nude set. I mean I get brushing out imperfections, but why remove a nipple from a nude set?

          • Sculptor?!? says:

            Probably because they need *one* for advertising, and by doing so, this picture qualifies as SFW. It’s always about the money, honey.

  • gally says:

    So, the Yankees suck or something right?

    • Sculptor?!? says:

      Yes. But according to the current score (bottom of the 3rd, 2-2), someone forgot to tell them that. The Rangers need to call in Walker to kick some ass.

  • Sculptor?!? says:

    Okay, the current hashtag game on Twitter has me laughing – sad children’s books. “Yertle the Meth Addict” is making me giggle maniacally.

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