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Monday August 22nd 2011

Last Call: The Tardy Tard Edition

The Philosoraptor
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Last Call something something. You know what to do. I’ll be updating tonights as we go, due to me being a tardy tard like the title says.

Musical Interlude:

Best Fucking Song Ever.


Business Insider: An interesting slideshow of America’s 25 biggest land owners or land barons if you would. The 25 of them own 1% of all the land in the U.S.A. Sadly, no Brett Favre.
Televisionary Blog: An open letter to FX, to try and get them to keep Terriers going. For those of you Amuricans that get FX, do me a favor and watch it okay.
Slogan Maker: This site is an awesome and hilarious time-killer. Enter in a name, title or phrase and get a randomized slogan based on it. Like, The Gally Blog: So good you’ll want it again. The Quick and Easy way with Gally. There’s a Brett Favre in your future.
Cracked: Is it your first orgy? Are you confused on what to do? Fret not, here are some tips for your first orgy.
Daddys Sugar Ball: Some lessons from an amateur father.
WWTDD: Tom Hardy is apparently going to be in Batman the Third. Wouldn’t you know it though, but that asshole Brendon accidentally uploaded topless photos of Lucy Pinder instead of Tom Hardy. What a flaming asshole.
Avoiding The Drop: Two Yellows figures that Bob Bradley should be fired like right now. He’s the US soccer coach if ya didn’t know. Hooligan.
The Phoenix Pub:: Old King Clancy watches the Redskins-Packers game. That is all. Click minions.
Film Drunk: Oh my god awesome. There’s a book coming out and it contains some original Star Wars photos before the CG…….
Warming Glow: There’s kind of sort of a season two trailer for Justified.
Smart Football: Writing about sports in 2010: Four points about two(or three) articles. A very good read.

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake with Vanilla Compote

Mellisa Riso, yes please
Click to embiggen. Not as embiggened as the last one but still with the embiggening.

Provolone Cheesecake:

Tom Hardy Rawwrrrrr

Bonus Video Apropos of Nothing:


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