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Sunday January 1st 2012

Last Call: Logic + Snow Edition

For realzz

Last call is where we all come to congregate about tonight’s TV, last night’s sporting events and this morning’s hangover. Conversations can range from: Animals, sports, dick jokes, funny farts, not so funny farts, alcohol, random acts douchebaggery made funny because you are our friend, hooking up with the opposite sex, cockburn, sorts of trees, art, food, music, tits, my STD’s, ambitions and dreams that will later be shattered into dust, stand up comedy (unrelated), movies and television. Topics may NOT include: gay porn, spiders, air planes, Kirsten Dunst’s baby teeth, hugs and handshakes that go way longer than expected, mustaches on girls, Forrest Whitaker’s lazy eye, hostile robot takeovers, Berstreet’s new relationship to a guy that isn’t me, failure, dying alone, running out of my medication, komodo dragons that can operate weaponry, ship wrecks and other things that I have nightmares about.


Filmdrunk’s viewing must be a little low because he did enough work to put together a slideshow. But it’s for comment of the year. I might have to build my popularity up over there because I’m pretty sure every fake Twitter account has originated through Lance Martini

Spend Your New Year’s with Sex Cannon…Won’t You? – KSK

A Special Holiday Greeting from MMAfighting and Ben Fowlkes. (last years was funnier/drunker)

And lastly, my most recent comedy video. What’s a Logical post without some self whoring? I will be roasting an Indian, a Jew, a fat Egyptian and a fat Irish gay guy on Wednesday. I need material! HALP!

Okay now.. for the dudes:

UFC Ring girls Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell. Anyone else realize it's FIGHT WEEK!?!

And for the ladies? (Not me this time)


Jim Zorn saying: "Hey Shanahan, thanks. Now, I can get laid in Washington again!" RAWR!

Okay folks. I need to shower and write for the roast. I’ll drop in later but I might also have to go meet this woman that I am trying to ditch. She said “This is my last attempt at asking you to hang out. Meet me at the bowling alley at 9:30PM” That’s pretty much saying “Logic, I don’t like you. I gave you an ultimatum where your only option of getting laid is doing something really shitty on a Tuesday. So fuck her right?

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7 Comments for “Last Call: Logic + Snow Edition”

  • Logic says:

    I can’t believe I wrote up that huge thing and no one commented yet. I fell asleep and even ditched that blond girl. FUCK

  • Nonpopulist says:

    Yyeh, but the pics were hot, yo.

  • Logic says:

    i was really digging my “conversation rules for last call” … i feel like a scorned mother who cooked all day and her ungrateful kids stopped at taco bell on the way home.

  • semper_ubi_sub_ubi says:

    Apologies dudes,

    I’ve been trying to cut my interwebs surfing time – although I just fill it by drinking instead. Well not entirely, but after the end of TPP I have only checked out Dr. Saturday, FCL, and KSK – although I don’t know why I ever read fun with Peter King – I know what I’m going to read everytime and yet I do it again and again. I think I just keep on going back to that site because every once in a while, there’s something quite good – of course, if I just went here I’d be told about it and could waste my time more wisely.

  • Old King Clancy says:

    The Zorn Star!!!!!

    Sorry, I have sporadic internet access here (though I’m not home Tuesday nights in Chicago anyway). Good to hear that an upcoming post about a wily lady hooking up with a dude of the opposite sex (not me) at a concert falls under acceptable use.

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