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Sunday January 1st 2012

Last Call: People Gettin’ Fired Y’all

Oldie, but I like it

Last call is the primo hang out for all your internet after-hours cool people and wannabes. So be hip or eat shit. They call this black Monday in the NFL world because after the season is over a lot of coaches get fired. They do not call it black Monday because black coaches get hired or really anything besides interviewed to satisfy the Rooney rule. /Race relations’d. The exception this year is Leslie Frazier who has been named head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Eric Mangina was fired. Fisher is safe for another season. The Jaguars are going to keep Jack Del Rio and are moving to Los Angeles in a year or two anyway. What did I miss? Let’s get to some links.


BlackSportsOnline: Brett Favre is getting sued for sexual harassment. I wonder if the defendant will have a shortage of character witnesses. /Cut to Peter King drooling and humping Favre’s leg. Who am I kidding? This will never go to trial.

AltReport: Chloe Sevigny was at the beach and thankfully? someone got pictures of that momentous occasion. The Alt Report is one of the few sites on the internet that makes me laugh consistently.

Deadspin: Hilarious. Apparently Jim Rome caught a taping of America’s Funniest Home Videos and Michelle Beadle was in the audience as well. Awesome.

GoDuckGo: Google tracks almost everything you do. I use AdBlockPlus to combat most of what this page talks about. Very important stuff here.

Nerdist: Check out this post if you’re paranoid like I am.

Cheesecake for the fellas:

Act like you can get enough of Alison Brie. Try to act like you can, liar.

Cheesecake for the ladies:

Reenactment of me on New Year’s Eve

Music Video: The Who with David Gilmour- Love Reign O’er Me

Nonpopulist out.

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