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Tuesday August 2nd 2011

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Last Call: The Christmas Vacation Edition

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Last Call is what it is. Y’all know what it is by this point in time. If you’re new the place, it’s a gather of the best the Internet has to offer, coupled with good music, sexy pictures and conversations with like minded folks down in the comment section.

Musical Interlude:

Right This Second-Deadmau5. This song takes a minute or three to get going and then blammo. Ham.


Wall Street Journal: A Holiday message from Ricky Gervais on why he’s an atheist.
Sex, Cigars & Booze: Research shows that women find men in red more attractive. You know who wears a lot of red? Tiger Woods. And Santa Claus.
The Frisky: 11 Movies that are randomly getting sequels in 2011. Boo, hiss to most of them.
Geek Tyrant: A photographer turns his 91 year old grandmother into a superhero to cheer her up. Awesome.
Film Drunk: Vince reposts his Tron Legacy review so that you can yell at him in the comment section.
WWTDD: OMGZ Megan Fox is in a bikini. In Hawaii or something. I’m gonna be frank with you, she doesn’t look all that great un-makeup’d. Sure, she’s skinny with big boobs but, you know. Or maybe you don’t.
Warming Glow: Ufford presents his top ten shows of 2010. Do you care? Probably not, but I do so deal with it.
KSK: Yeah this post is from last Thursday. Yeah it’s a Sex and Fantasy Football advice column from an NFL satire blog. And yet, it’s fantastic. Check it and the 142 comments out.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake: (more…)

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