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Tuesday November 30th 2010

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Last Call: The End of the Wade Phillips Era Edition

RE: The Cowboys’ season

Last Call is where many of us gather to to end the day with a few sexy pics, a sexy song or two, and some hardcore link action. I’m tonight’s host, Nonpopulist. My one regret in life is that I did not come up with a more pretentious online persona. Welcome. Say what you need to say and don’t even worry that I went 4-0 in my NFL picks against the spread in this week’s Rubetastic post. What can I say? It’s a blind squirrel- nut situation. Let’s look at some links, y’all.


Fire Wade Phillips: The people that run this site are going to be bored tomorrow.

Paste Magazine: Paste has a collection of 12 funny Conan O’Brien moments that are still allowed online. I’m so happy Conan is back. I’ve been watching him regularly for about 13 years. I haven’t missed  one of his shows since I got DVR in late 2005.

WarBlogle: (To be sung to DJ Kaleed’s ‘All I Do Is Win, Win, Win’) All I do is read, read, read. Here’s a positive story on Can Newton since so many negative stories have been run/ made up recently. As a newish Auburn fan I have tried to reserve a lot of judgment until the facts come out on the Cam Newton taking money to play at Auburn story. After reading almost every story I can find on this alleged scandal I can say with confidence that this Pete Thamel at the New York Times can suck a fat dick. There’s more holes in this story than a fat guy’s boxer briefs. Somebody needs to put a clown suit on him and everyone at ESPN that ran with this story. CLOWN SUITS!

Good looking lady:

I’m talkin’ ’bout HEY-DAY Jessica Simpson

Good looking fellow:

James Franco

My internet is telling me you like cool jams:

Ghostface Killah. Tell ‘em Ghost said, “Take yo clothes off!”

Bonus Video:

This is comedian Jay Pharoah. He’s now on SNL. You may remember him from the incredible Denzel Washington impersonation he did a few weeks ago. Funny guy.



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Cam Newton Dressed Up As a Fairy for Halloween. Are You Going to Make Fun of Him?

I don’t think I’ve seen a guy dressed as a fairy look so manly since Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Cam Newton is the fairy on the left. The sexy nurse on the right is Clint Moseley.

Each year at Halloween I shake my head (or #SMH, #SMDFH, #RealTalk as the kids say these days on the twitterz) at the number of adults dressing up. To me, 12 is the cutoff age for dressing up and trick-or-treating. It’s fun for kids to dress up, though, and I will never, ever hate on or attempt to impede anyone’s efforts to get candy. The only way I can see adults dressing up for Halloween is if it’s one of those classy costume parties like in the Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut.
Not many people think as I do on the subject, though. One group in particular that embraced dressing up is the Auburn University football team. They had a costume party/ competition on Sunday night, and has the pictures to prove it. They got most of the pictures from receiver Terrell Zachery’s twitter profile as he was tweeting out pictures throughout the event. Here’s one more of “Super” Cam Newton and defensive lineman Antoine Carter dressed as Usain Bolt. (more…)

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