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Thursday September 15th 2011

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Last Call: The Christmas Vacation Edition

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Last Call is what it is. Y’all know what it is by this point in time. If you’re new the place, it’s a gather of the best the Internet has to offer, coupled with good music, sexy pictures and conversations with like minded folks down in the comment section.

Musical Interlude:

Right This Second-Deadmau5. This song takes a minute or three to get going and then blammo. Ham.


Wall Street Journal: A Holiday message from Ricky Gervais on why he’s an atheist.
Sex, Cigars & Booze: Research shows that women find men in red more attractive. You know who wears a lot of red? Tiger Woods. And Santa Claus.
The Frisky: 11 Movies that are randomly getting sequels in 2011. Boo, hiss to most of them.
Geek Tyrant: A photographer turns his 91 year old grandmother into a superhero to cheer her up. Awesome.
Film Drunk: Vince reposts his Tron Legacy review so that you can yell at him in the comment section.
WWTDD: OMGZ Megan Fox is in a bikini. In Hawaii or something. I’m gonna be frank with you, she doesn’t look all that great un-makeup’d. Sure, she’s skinny with big boobs but, you know. Or maybe you don’t.
Warming Glow: Ufford presents his top ten shows of 2010. Do you care? Probably not, but I do so deal with it.
KSK: Yeah this post is from last Thursday. Yeah it’s a Sex and Fantasy Football advice column from an NFL satire blog. And yet, it’s fantastic. Check it and the 142 comments out.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake: (more…)

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Last Call: Logically Produced



Last Call is a place where we come to pretend we are in an internet bar. I come on steroids and coke, Gimp pees on fake trees, Nonpop ALWAYS date rapes someone and Gally…well Gally’s on the ludes man, the fuckin’ ludes.


What a wonderful day! Miley Cyrus turned 18 today. Happy Birthday, Miley! (This message was paid for by the Megan’s Law abiding citizens of the United States of America. P.S. FUCK YEAH!) (via WWTDD)

Shameless Self Promotion: My latest episode of the House of Punte went over pretty well despite the tech issues. It’s only 39 minutes so give it a listen, will ya? (House of Punte)

The only other thing I could think of that I read at work today was Drew’s funbag at Deadspin, which was pretty par for the course…I thought. (Deadspin)

Fantasy Football Bragging:

Since Romo went down, my team is 2-4 after starting out 5-0. I was desperate for a trade and even though I could have traded Hakeem Nicks and Steven Jackson for Michael Vick and Miles Austin… *kills self* *Finishes sentence as a ghost* I still managed to take the safe choice in Aaron Rodgers and DeSean Jackson. I was ridiculed for a bit, but now that Nicks is hurt and Rodgers out performed Vick in my head to head matchup for the winning point difference, I’m convinced I made the best move possible.

You guys have any cool fantasy football stories this year?

Sexy Tuesday:


Just like I like my women, faceless.

P.S. I retweeted this picture and it caused me to be unfollowed by ironic trashwhore Hunter Jones who has even more provocative pictures as her banner for her website. Plus it was retweeted by Brendon from WWTDD after I sent it to him. I’m famous!

For the Gays and Ladies:


Me with side abs. Take THAT, Ryan Reynolds.


Dance Party:

I hope Old King Clancy has the X-Factor, if you gnome sayin’.

*high fives raver with glow sticks and knee pads*

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Last Call: The Costanza Edition

Last Call is kind of like Blogkakke, only on PCP, LSD and ludes. Fucking ludes man. Instead of just being a random link dump, it’s a place to congregate with fellow like minded sports fans, alcoholics and amateur comedians. So come on in, kick your shoes off and crack a beer; then regale us with a witty joke, bitch about that local sports team or ask PJD about masturbating to Adrian Peterson. If you have something you’d like to see here, our contact info is over on the right and there’s always the tip line, tips @

Apparently my life has delved into the world of parody. Which means that there is one, and only one, solution. Go the Costanza route, which of course means that every time I have a life choice to make I should do the exact opposite of what I’d normally do.

Musical Interlude:


Short Order: Top 10 foods that get you high. This report is brought to you by the Miami New Times. Seriously.
Papas Basement: If you guys have the time to listen to one podcast this week, I’d recommend this one. The tape of Mel Gibson ranting and raving gets broken down Zapruder style, Rachael reviews Predators and gets made fun of and Ned Flanders throws out the N word.
Deadspin: So today Drew breaks down the eternal dilemma that has plagued mankind for eons and eons. Loud farts versus silent farts.
Esquire: The story behind the man who broke the Price is Right by having the only Perfect Showcase Showdown in the shows 38 year history, and the man who claims that it was all his doing.
The Oatmeal: The top six reasons to ride a polar bear to work.
Uproxx: Danger Guerrero presents a guide to Disney’s horrible female role models. I know most of you fools don’t know how to read, but that’s okay as he kindly provided pictures.
Black and Gold Tchotchkes: The Football Foodie World Cup Finals between the American hamburger and Uruguay’s chivito sandwich, as presented by psychic Admiral Calamari.
Steel Clink Alcatraz: Danger Guerrero has been a busy boy lately and he presents us with all the work he’s been doing lately. Check it out, as he’s legitimately funny and a half decent writer. I kid.
Film Drunk: The new poster for ‘I Spit on Your Butt.’
H Spot: Some sex myths get uncovered. Yay for sex.

Cheesecake for the Guys: (more…)

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Blogkakke is our collection of the latest and greatest to grace the Internets. If you have something for here or just want to ask us what it’s like being members of the handsome mens club, there’s always the comment section or you could try tips@

Musical Interlude:


Sportress of Blogitude: Alexander Ovechkin went on a Turkish party. Someone took photos and babelfish made awesome translations.
The Sporting Blog: Five important questions to ask before the World Cup begins. With help from Unsilent, 2Yellows and more.
EDSBS: Lane Kiffin and others receive the NCAA report. If you didn’t already know, you should be glued to EDSBS for the next little while. Spencer is absolutely killing it.
Playboy: How to perfectly shave a beard. I was unaware that people didn’t know how to shave, but this is kind of neat anyways.
The Big Picture: Some fan-fucking-tastic pictures of South African World Cup locations and things related to the WC.
SB Nation: Oh look, Spencer Hall again… Umm, well he presents the 2010 World Cup likeability rankings, or how to choose your team in scientific fashion.
WWTDD: Girls in shirts are everywhere these days. Fortunately Ashley Greene is fighting the good fight. And yet, it’s probably SFW

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