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Thursday September 15th 2011

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The Debut Gally Blog Podcast!

Yeah, lazy. We'll design a logo at some point.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Without further waiting, we present to you the debut Gally Blog Podcast. In this meandering episode, Phillip(@nonpopulist), Hugh(@THElogic) and myself talk about stuff. Mostly sports. We open with a shoutout to the mysterious @DangerGuerrero, move on to the Super Bowl, talk about Deadspin and then drift into random ramblings. We apologize for the length, but it’s our first time and we didn’t know what to expect. Enjoy and feel free to give us feedback..

P.S. I’m aware I sound like a husky 15 year old girl. No need to include that in the feedback.

P.P.S. It’s not on iTunes yet, but it will be.

The Download link is here

Some have found the other place slow and laggy, so I hope this one works better.

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LAST CALL….jk. Eli Manning is a Whore Monger. LOLz


Seems like the only things we do over here are post bukakkes Blogkakkes, Last Calls and other link dumps. Well that’s my fault. I’m too busy swimming in hot chicks and money to find anything to write about. Last night, I spent all night trying to fit all these 20$ bills in my wallet! It was nearly impossible! I got to admit, sometimes being a sports blogger has it’s downside. Like when the paparazzi won’t leave you alone. (Ed. Note: UGH! I hate when that happens!) Other times, things just seem to fall in your lap.

I’m not sure if all the sexin’ has been the Giants downfall, unless Antonio Pierce slipped a disk doing the pile driver, because then I KNOW that’s the problem. I think the problem is this ratio of economy=Bill Clinton:George Bush::defense=Spags:Sheridan. That’s the real problem. All the guy had to do was coast, for crying out loud! I think Eli dippin’ his wick into a bunch of sluts actually makes him human. He was knocked by New York media for being emotionless during his rookie season and then the same NY Media ripped Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan for crying and being over emotional in their rookie seasons. If you want the middle ground, you get Rex Grossman. So shut up, NY Post. You stink.

The source might not be credible. First of all…she’s a whore seller. Secondly, she knows AJ Daulerio is a blow fiend (and Deadspin is Brooklyn-based) who wasn’t paying attention until she mentioned hookers and Eli Manning in the same sentence. The Daulerio was interested. It’s Eli’s squeaky clean image that makes this interesting. If she said “Tiger Woods”, people would have bought her shitty book of lies. However, It is still all hearsay and Joe Namath is still the biggest womanizing quarterback in New York…even today he gets my sexual harassment charges than Eli and Sanchez combined.

I can only imagine how you would have to get the information out of Eli for conformation:

Police Man: “Now Eli, on the dolly, show us where she touched you…” hands Eli blow pop
Elisha: drools “She touched my fireman.” Smiles and winks at stuffed animal he brought for courage
Police Man: “Oh thank God, this is over.”

end scene

Football's Val Venus
Football's Val Venus

Did anyone ever check to see if Archie and his wife had the same surname? This whole family has way too large of foreheads. Plus, Wikipedia says Eli lives in the same building as Jesse Palmer and we know that guy is pulling tail (see: Erin Andrews, the Bachelor), I bet the whores were on their way to his apartment he just ordered them to Eli’s crib (meant literal, not black-talk) where he would pick them up. Because he’s sly like a fox, that Palmer is. Anyway, does Deadspin have like a direct line for whores to call that say they have inside information on Tiger Woods? Like a sexy batphone? Or a stiletto shoephone like in Get Smart?

Touche, Daulerio.
Touche, Daulerio.

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An Outsiders look at Commenting, Community and the Deadspin Situation Part 1

Hi everybody. I originally had an idea for a post on my take on the Deadspin situation. It soon evolved into something much more. I broke it up and serialized it, because I’m not Simmons and I can’t just plug in 80′s references to keep the masses entertained over a long piece. Stay tuned all week for updates to the story.

An Outsider’s look at Commenting, Community and the Deadspin Situation: Part 1

Hello Deadspinites, Blogrifca, and fellow Commentariat,

Some of you know me, or have gotten to know me pretty recently. If we don’t know each other, perhaps we soon shall. I call the Wintry city of Edmonton, Canada home, and am a quasi-intellectual sports fanatic. I’m also an outsider from the comenting/website/blogger community, just now finding my way in.

Several years ago the Internet was a vast oasis of porn and mostly obscure reference/research information. Sure and existed, but they were to the current internet what Chris Wallace and his like are to competent sports management. They were slow, inefficient and got no respect (not that they deserved any). If you wanted to have a discussion with someone you’d call them up from a landline telephone or perhaps even write them a letter.

So obviously the Internet community was archaic and limited to a few factions. The Pedobears, being the forward thinking insightful group that they are, were there with bells on. It seems that Mystery Vans with the promises of free candy weren’t quite working like they once did. The response was to move on to nearly instant (fucking dialup) distant relationships with the possibility of something more. A subset of this group was the stupid teenagers in chatrooms with the incessant A/S/L, what are you wearing type questions (I call this a subset, because many of the so called teenagers were in fact sneaky Pedobears trying to score underage ass). (more…)

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