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Saturday May 21st 2011

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Last Call: The LOL AIDS Edition

Last Call is kind of like Blogkakke, only on PCP, LSD and ludes. Fucking ludes man. Instead of just being a random link dump, it’s a place to congregate with fellow like minded sports fans, alcoholics and amateur comedians. So come on in, kick your shoes off and crack a beer; then regale us with a witty joke, bitch about that local sports team, or tell me how much you love my Magic Johnson AIDS LOL picture. I made it the other day and have been waiting for the right time to post it. Please, someone, anyone find this blog by searching Magic Johnson AIDS LOL. It would be my mother fucking swan song. If you have something you’d like to see here, our contact info is over on the right and there’s always the tip line, tips @

Knock knock. Who’s there? Some links, bitch:

We all love a good animated .gif. I know I do. I also enjoy the television show Parks & Recreation which makes this website ideal for me. Also, I think I’m in love with Aubrey Plaza’s character, April, on the show. [Parks and Recreations Gifs]

Charlie Sheen is going to do some time. Given, it’s Kiefer Sutherland-like jail time, but Sheen is still going to spend some time in county. [WWTDD]

This site is cool. It is called the Internet Movie Firearm Datbase, and it catalogs what models of guns were used in television and film. It’s a helpful reference tool if you’re into that sort of thing. [IMFDB]

Blogs with Balls is happening this weekend! You can watch it on Saturday courtesy of More info at the link. [Blogs with Balls]

Our very own Logic has another video of him doing stand up at a comedy club. Watch it here.

One of the neatest little websites I have found in a while has done it again. They have found a way to text  using an iphone or ipod touch for free. Their site is like Lifehacker except more focused on cool, useful stuff and less on pictures of how people setup their offices. [Broken Secrets]

Dennis Hopper is dead. Ufford did a tribute post over at Warming Glow. I think we all give Hopper his due for the many indelible roles he has played, but I always have a hard time shaking his guest starring role from the first season of 24 where he was supposed to be doing a Bosnian or Serbian accent but it sounded more like an American doing a bad Russian accent. I’m a nitpicker. Bonus points for anyone who can name what the blog Warming Glow is named after. [Warming Glow]

Oasis is getting back together in a bastardized form WITHOUT NOEL! Needless to say I am out of sorts about this considering Noel has always been the talent behind Oasis. I hope this finally makes him get off his arse and do some solo work. [Nonpopulist]

Some guy ripped another guy’s heart out with his bare hands while on drugs allegedly. No biggie. [Hammer Fisted]

For the guys: (more…)

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