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Saturday May 21st 2011

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Logic is interviewed on the NFL Season

Please. No press. Real bloggers don't post pictures of themselves..

Host: Welcome! Welcome one and all. We haven’t had an interview with our pseudo-celebrity guest, Logic…(sigh) in a while so let’s have at it, I guess?

Logic: (rips line of oxycontin, turns to host) Well, hello beautiful. Let’s get this show on the road. What am I fielding questions about? Your mother and her rounds at the adult shop glory holes? She doesn’t think we can see her…but we can. (pulls out Four Loko)

Host: God dammit, behave yourself. Put the coffee beer away, will ya? Now let’s see if we can get some questions for you on the NFL season thus far. (to media) Okay, so any questions involving the 2010 season, Logic will answer. Don’t forget to razz the old bean on being a Giants fan! HURRR

Logic: (pushes host’s face, points to interviewer)

Interviewer 1: Who do you feel is the strongest candidate for the MVP this season? Tom Brady?


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A Logical Baseball Preview

Go Yankees!

Okay, it’s time. It’s been about 6 weeks since the World Series and now time for baseball to start up. I’m actually excited. Not as excited as I would be for an MMA event or not even close to the excitement I get for the start of football season. /gets boner thinking about it.

Since there are so many GD teams, I’m going to keep it brief. I’m going to list the teams how I think they will finish with a little one liner about each team. It’ll most likely tell you who to grab in Fantasy Baseball and what famous people did they have sex with. Hey listen, Captain Buzzkill, you can do your preview however you want. Oh? You have a degree in journalism with a concentration on sports reporting? Well that’s nice. I have a degree in “Being Awesome”. +1, Logic. I’ll probably go a little more in depth for the AL East because as a Yankees fan, that’s the division that I know the most. I won’t try to pretend that I’m an expert on the NL Central or something other than that. This is why, I’m going to encourage everyone to give me their winners/losers/”Logic is a retard” in the comments section and we can discuss it like gentleman (and/or ladies). After the jump!


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