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Saturday November 26th 2011

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Last Call: People Gettin’ Fired Y’all

Oldie, but I like it

Last call is the primo hang out for all your internet after-hours cool people and wannabes. So be hip or eat shit. They call this black Monday in the NFL world because after the season is over a lot of coaches get fired. They do not call it black Monday because black coaches get hired or really anything besides interviewed to satisfy the Rooney rule. /Race relations’d. The exception this year is Leslie Frazier who has been named head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Eric Mangina was fired. Fisher is safe for another season. The Jaguars are going to keep Jack Del Rio and are moving to Los Angeles in a year or two anyway. What did I miss? Let’s get to some links.


BlackSportsOnline: Brett Favre is getting sued for sexual harassment. I wonder if the defendant will have a shortage of character witnesses. /Cut to Peter King drooling and humping Favre’s leg. Who am I kidding? This will never go to trial.

AltReport: Chloe Sevigny was at the beach and thankfully? someone got pictures of that momentous occasion. The Alt Report is one of the few sites on the internet that makes me laugh consistently.

Deadspin: Hilarious. Apparently Jim Rome caught a taping of America’s Funniest Home Videos and Michelle Beadle was in the audience as well. Awesome.

GoDuckGo: Google tracks almost everything you do. I use AdBlockPlus to combat most of what this page talks about. Very important stuff here.

Nerdist: Check out this post if you’re paranoid like I am.

Cheesecake for the fellas:

Act like you can get enough of Alison Brie. Try to act like you can, liar.

Cheesecake for the ladies:

Reenactment of me on New Year’s Eve

Music Video: The Who with David Gilmour- Love Reign O’er Me

Nonpopulist out.

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Last Call: Pearl Necklace for Christmas Edition


So fucking true

They used this on the show the other night- via

Last Call is what it is. Y’all know what it is by this point in time. If you’re new the place, it’s a gather of the best the Internet has to offer, coupled with good music, sexy pictures and conversations with like minded folks down in the comment section.
I hope all you ladies get pearl necklaces for Christmas this year. To all you dudes I hope you get to give them.

Musical interlude: This song is catchy.


Eating of The People’s Princess: Tumblr’s are getting mighty disposable nowadays.
The AV Club: “Martin Scorcese, Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino Are Making a Mob Movie Together” De Niro and Pacino still have a lot of making up to do for Righteous Kill.

Hot looking lady:

O my gawd. via

Hot Looking Fellow:

Jeff Bridges

Bonus video feat. comedian Tom Segura:

Merry effin Christmas. Your boy Nonpopulist is going on a partial hiatus from creating internet magic for the holidays. I’ll be back in full effect after the new year.

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Last Call: Terriers Is Gone But Not Forgotten Edition

I will remember you. Will you remember me? da na da da da da da

Last Call is a post we do on Monday and Tuesdays that involves links to stories of the day, pictures of sexy people, and a video or two. Commenting is generally encouraged. I’m super late with this post as I have had a lot of balls in the air today, and I know that doesn’t sound right. Let’s get to the nitty gritty with your itty bitty titties.

Hollywood Reporter: The awesome show Terriers was canceled today. I’ve been in mourning most of the day. It truly was a great show.
Bubbloy: Is twitter censoring discussion of Wikileaks? I don’t know, but this site seems to think so. I think they do a good job of backing up their assertion. Honestly though, twitter censoring Wikileaks is the least of our worries. The lack of quality Justin Bieber hashtags recently is a human rights violation. I will not stand for this. *puts symbolic tape over mouth
Cracked: This is a good article, but I would rename it “11 Celebrities Who Actually Have Some Redeeming Qualities As Opposed to None, Which Is the Norm.” Too wordy?
Alternet: Four Scenarios for the Coming Collapse of the American Empire. You know, in case you needed cheering up today.
Morning Freak Show: If you liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon growing up like I did, prepare to have your mind blown.

Hot looking lady: Rachel Bilson

Hot looking fellow:

Timothy Olyphant, at least we still have Justified…

That’s all for tonight. This is late enough already.

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Last Call: The Grey Cup Edition

Last Call is a post we do on Monday and Tuesdays that involves links to stories of the day, pictures of sexy people, and a video or two. Commenting is generally encouraged. And I was just kidding about the Grey Cup Edition thing. I’m not Canadian and know nothing about Canadian football or the the game yesterday. The only reason I am aware the game happened is because Gally tweeted about it. He was at the game. How was the concession stand poutine? Did that person you tweeted about possibly dying actually die? You kind of left us hanging on that one.

Alternet: The new Wikileaks release is making waves on the web, but they are not very chill waves. Alternet has 7 revelations from the most recent release. I’m thankful other people are going through the documents so I don’t have to.
NotGaryJBusey: This popular twitter account was suspended today. Now it’s back, I think. The twitter username is NotGaryJBusey instead of GaryJBusey. I’m taking notes because I recently started a fake Sam Elliot twitter account. Side note, follow that account.
The Big Lead: Tim Ryan (TheSportsHernia) c/o The Big Lead had a Leslie Nielsen tribute post that is worth checking out. Airplane was the first movie I ever watched that I audibly laughed at by myself.

Hot looking lady:

The lovely Kate Mara

Hot looking fellow:

The incomparable Danny McBride

I’m out. Sorry this was late, my internet messes up every Monday for some reason. O wait, because I have shitty satellite internet that goes out if there is a cloud bigger than your mom’s snatch in the sky.

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Last Call: The Fall of Childress Edition

In honor of the end of the Brad Childress regime, an LOL I made a while back

Last Call is sorry you were touched there and in that way when you were a child, but there’s nothing we can do about that now. Time to buck up and develop a drinking problem to deal with your daddy/uncle issues. Your other option is to date Logic. For now check a few links from the day.

Guyism: 50 things every guy should know how to do. I was surprised they left masturbate off of the list. Seems like a biggie.

BlkSportsOnline: Robert Littal has been covering the Vince Young/ Tennessee Titans mess. In this post he writes about the childish way in which Vince has handled himself in Tennessee.

FireChilly: Another web site put out of business by an NFL head coach being fired. I doubt they’re worried about that right now. Imagine how long whoever is running the “Fire Mike Tomlin” or “Fire Bill Belichick” will have to wait.

Hot looking lady:

Homina homina Olivia Wilde aka 13

Good looking fellow:

David Duchovny

Musical Interlude:

I downloaded the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 soundtrack the other week and have since been unable to stop listening to this song, The Vandals, Euro-Barge. I wasted my first year of college on that freaking game and loved every single minute of it.

What are you up to this fine evening? I’m about to eat a salad.

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Last Call: Put That In Your Pipe and Smoke It Edition

Haha, your mom's dildo. Classic. And classy.

Last Call is Last Call is the end is the beginning is the beginning is the end. I’m me, Nonpopulist, blogging to you live from the dumpster behind my local McDonald’s. It’s comfier than you might think. I can also confirm the movie Super Size Me was correct. These fries do stay edible a long time. Nom.


Techcrunch: Did Tumblr prevent a 4Chan attack? What’s all this, then? I don’t really believe this story.

: I saw some people talking about some band called Girltalk and a free album download being offered today. I’m not familiar. If it ain’t power ballads I ain’t listening to it. I made note of this tweet from Matt Ufford to share with you guys if you’re into girl talk and pillow fights and such. For those having trouble downloading the new Girl Talk, you have options: Rapidshare:

HammerFisted: Somehow I missed this video of the comedian Jim Norton getting choked out by an MMA fighter Cain Velasquez. I like Norton. I would place him in my top 50 favorite tweeters.

Four Loko: Four Loko freedom is being taken away at an alarming rate. The most recent state I have heard considering a Four Loko ban in New York. I started a Facebook page called “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our Four Loko!” in order to collect like minds on Four Loko freedom and share what can be done to keep freedom free. Join and tell your friends!

Good looking lady:

Scarlett Johansson

Good looking fellow:


Musical interlude:
A not so well known fact about me is I am one of the biggest Oasis fans you will ever meet. Now that the band is broken up I look forward to Noel Gallagher doing more stuff like this acoustic version of “Slide Away.”

Follow me on the twitterz- @ nonpopulist. Out.

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Last Call: The End of the Wade Phillips Era Edition

RE: The Cowboys’ season

Last Call is where many of us gather to to end the day with a few sexy pics, a sexy song or two, and some hardcore link action. I’m tonight’s host, Nonpopulist. My one regret in life is that I did not come up with a more pretentious online persona. Welcome. Say what you need to say and don’t even worry that I went 4-0 in my NFL picks against the spread in this week’s Rubetastic post. What can I say? It’s a blind squirrel- nut situation. Let’s look at some links, y’all.


Fire Wade Phillips: The people that run this site are going to be bored tomorrow.

Paste Magazine: Paste has a collection of 12 funny Conan O’Brien moments that are still allowed online. I’m so happy Conan is back. I’ve been watching him regularly for about 13 years. I haven’t missed  one of his shows since I got DVR in late 2005.

WarBlogle: (To be sung to DJ Kaleed’s ‘All I Do Is Win, Win, Win’) All I do is read, read, read. Here’s a positive story on Can Newton since so many negative stories have been run/ made up recently. As a newish Auburn fan I have tried to reserve a lot of judgment until the facts come out on the Cam Newton taking money to play at Auburn story. After reading almost every story I can find on this alleged scandal I can say with confidence that this Pete Thamel at the New York Times can suck a fat dick. There’s more holes in this story than a fat guy’s boxer briefs. Somebody needs to put a clown suit on him and everyone at ESPN that ran with this story. CLOWN SUITS!

Good looking lady:

I’m talkin’ ’bout HEY-DAY Jessica Simpson

Good looking fellow:

James Franco

My internet is telling me you like cool jams:

Ghostface Killah. Tell ‘em Ghost said, “Take yo clothes off!”

Bonus Video:

This is comedian Jay Pharoah. He’s now on SNL. You may remember him from the incredible Denzel Washington impersonation he did a few weeks ago. Funny guy.



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Last Call: Columbus Day Edition

This picture is courtesy of the Assholeology Tumblr. Check them out. They have a new book in the works that is coming out sometime in the near future. They titled this picture “How an Asshole barista picks up chicks.”

Last Call is an ever evolving, hopefully, post that is so much more than a post. It’s a collection of funny pictures, sexy pictures, the best Internet links of the day, awesome music, interesting music videos and a place for the commenters to congregate and have open discourse with like minded people. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, or see changed, get a hold of me by Twitter or by Email.

Your lovable dickbag Nonpopulist here. Soooooooo who wants to talk about Brett Favre’s peep? Anyone? There are otherwise a lot of things going on. Today is Columbus Day, or a day to reflect on our white guilt even though Columbus was an Italian acting as a proxy of Spain. Us chalkies will find a way to self-loathe, god love hate us. Today is also Canadian Thanksgiving. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but what in the hell do Canadians have to be thankful for? Boom, roasted. But that’s a serious question. Poutine? That 30 for 30 they did about the guy who ran to raise money for cancer research? The Jets host the Vikings on Monday Night Football, and there are comparisons being drawn to the game Favre played on MNF after his father died. I’m serious. Turn on ESPN. Think about that for a minute. Favre is definitely not a sympathetic figure, but there’s no reason to disrespect the dearly depahted like that, for frick’s sake.


The New Yorker: The New Yorker has a profile on person of internet note, Nick Denton, founder of the Gawker blog network. I thought this may be of interest since so many of us are/were Deadspin frequenters.

Every Day Should Be Saturday: The real story of today was the beautiful meltdown of Alabama fans on the Paul Finebaum radio show today. Paul Finebaum is a radio program based in Alabama that focuses on college football, especially the SEC. In recent months the show has become available on Sirius and XM radio. Spencer Hall over at EDSBS had the foresight to have an open thread for the first hour of the show. It was so successful (including contributions from myself and WhiteSpeedReceiver) that the thread continued until the end of the 4-hour show. I can attest to the fact the derp is strong on this show day in and day out. I listen from time to time. Today was special, though. Browse through the open thread if you want a laugh.

The Nonpopulist: I recently moved my site from blogspot to a real domain and began using wordpress. I’m still working on it and haven’t began posting new content yet, but I am trying to take it to the next level. Hearts on fire, strong desire. I could use some input. I’m trying to work with the color scheme currently. My goal is to be ready to start posting regularly again by Wednesday.

Bonus video:
This is Themselves from one of my favorite albums ever, The No Music. It’s a little weird for most people.

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Last Call: The LOL AIDS Edition

Last Call is kind of like Blogkakke, only on PCP, LSD and ludes. Fucking ludes man. Instead of just being a random link dump, it’s a place to congregate with fellow like minded sports fans, alcoholics and amateur comedians. So come on in, kick your shoes off and crack a beer; then regale us with a witty joke, bitch about that local sports team, or tell me how much you love my Magic Johnson AIDS LOL picture. I made it the other day and have been waiting for the right time to post it. Please, someone, anyone find this blog by searching Magic Johnson AIDS LOL. It would be my mother fucking swan song. If you have something you’d like to see here, our contact info is over on the right and there’s always the tip line, tips @

Knock knock. Who’s there? Some links, bitch:

We all love a good animated .gif. I know I do. I also enjoy the television show Parks & Recreation which makes this website ideal for me. Also, I think I’m in love with Aubrey Plaza’s character, April, on the show. [Parks and Recreations Gifs]

Charlie Sheen is going to do some time. Given, it’s Kiefer Sutherland-like jail time, but Sheen is still going to spend some time in county. [WWTDD]

This site is cool. It is called the Internet Movie Firearm Datbase, and it catalogs what models of guns were used in television and film. It’s a helpful reference tool if you’re into that sort of thing. [IMFDB]

Blogs with Balls is happening this weekend! You can watch it on Saturday courtesy of More info at the link. [Blogs with Balls]

Our very own Logic has another video of him doing stand up at a comedy club. Watch it here.

One of the neatest little websites I have found in a while has done it again. They have found a way to text  using an iphone or ipod touch for free. Their site is like Lifehacker except more focused on cool, useful stuff and less on pictures of how people setup their offices. [Broken Secrets]

Dennis Hopper is dead. Ufford did a tribute post over at Warming Glow. I think we all give Hopper his due for the many indelible roles he has played, but I always have a hard time shaking his guest starring role from the first season of 24 where he was supposed to be doing a Bosnian or Serbian accent but it sounded more like an American doing a bad Russian accent. I’m a nitpicker. Bonus points for anyone who can name what the blog Warming Glow is named after. [Warming Glow]

Oasis is getting back together in a bastardized form WITHOUT NOEL! Needless to say I am out of sorts about this considering Noel has always been the talent behind Oasis. I hope this finally makes him get off his arse and do some solo work. [Nonpopulist]

Some guy ripped another guy’s heart out with his bare hands while on drugs allegedly. No biggie. [Hammer Fisted]

For the guys: (more…)

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Last Call: Anniversary Eve Eve Edition

A List to Live By


Last Call is kind of like Blogkakke, only on PCP, LSD and ludes. Fucking ludes man. Instead of just being a random link dump, it’s a place to congregate with fellow like minded sports fans, alcoholics and amateur comedians. So come on in, kick your shoes off and crack a beer; then regale us with a witty joke, bitch about that local sports team or ask gally the best way to reformat your computer. If you have something you’d like to see here, our contact info is over on the right and there’s always the tip line, tips @

Nonpopulist here, all up in that ass, down south flavor. Gally’s computer is down for the count plus he has to go to work. Sucks to be him, I don’t have a job. FACE! Wait… For those who are still unaware let me drop the knowledge that this is anniversary week here at The Gally Blog, as in 1 year anniversary, blogfricans. We will be having several pants parties to celebrate. *Pointing* You’re invited, you’re not, you’re invited… What are your interests, girl? Has anyone ever taken you to the Waffle House? You’ll love it.

For the guys: Elisha Cuthbert

For the ladies: Kiefer Sutherland

Interesting note: Both of those people are Canadian. Now in case you’re too lazy to surf the internet your damned self, some links!

Filmdrunk: Amanda Seyfried has a tattoo that means ‘vagina.’ Be careful, Amanda, I’ve been hurt before.

Jackson Omelettizes Snake Eggs: My new favorite tumblr blog is by Jackson O’Connell-Barlow (aka Grape-a-Don, Iguanadon, Plaps, Nate Kukla, and Mr. Pennsylvania) of the hip-hop group Grand Buffet. Check them out. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed unless you end up liking them because through internet research I have learned they are on some sort of indefinite hiatus.

HammerFisted: Is Kimbo Slice on the outs? Tune in next time to As the Kimbo Slices. Was he ever on the ins? Hey, Kimbo, you can always go back to bum fighting.

Nonpopulist: I take Ebert to task on the whole video games as art idea. What, did you think I was going to do a Last Call and not whore myself out? How slutty do you not think I am?

With Leather: Shaq be old. /obligatory

LifeHacker: Top 10 things you didn’t know Google Maps could do. Take your stalking to a whole new level.

EDGE: Obama tells graduates they shouldn’t be tweeting on their facebooks all day and only trust traditional media. I take the President to task but also find time to talk about girls and their slutty facebook drinking pictures which I love. More whoring!

KSK: KSK has gloriously milked this Jamarcus Russell photo for all it is worth. /starts slow clap

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