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Tuesday July 19th 2011

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Last Call: The Fuck You Edition


I fucking hate people. I really do. Something of immeasurable personal wealth, but of limited monetary wealth was stolen from me. Fuck you, you assholes. I’m broke too, go on welfare you fucking cock fags. Eat a bunch of used tampons, they’re full of protein after all. But basically what I’m saying to you loser assholes is go die in a snowstorm on Hoth. And a big fuck you to you.

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Recycled Cheesecake:

I guess?

More Recycled Cheesecake:

Eastwood, RAWWRR


Empire Avenue: This is a pretty cool little social media project/experiment. You buy “stocks” in fellow people and companies, and earn dividends based on their accounts. Your account goes up based on the volume of people buying your shares as well as social media actions like tweeting, updating Facebook, updating Flickr and activity on the site. By the by, shares in e(Gally) are rising fast and I have huge dividends….
Hardball Times: Jonah Keri ponders what Simpsons characters are analogous to MLB teams. Fuck being a Jays fan.

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Last Call: Changes Edition

Honestly, who hasn't had this thought at home?via. University of Alberta student paper.

Last Call is kind of like blogkakke, except on PCP, LSD and ludes man. Fucking ludes. Instead of just being a random link dump, it’s a place to gather with like minded sports fans, amateur comedians and dope fiends after a hard day in the salt mine. If you have something you’d like to see here or just want to know about our fascination with Minnesota, our contact info is over there on the right and there’s always the comment section. So come on in, kick your shoes off and grab a nice 18 year old scotch and spout off about your local sports team, tell us a joke or tell us about that time AJ Daulerio kicked your cat or had sex with your mother, aunt and sister at the same time.

A few things I would like to mention before getting started today. First of all, our resident guy who stands too close to the ficus, Gimp, welcomed his lovely daughter to the world last night. It’s a good thing she looks like her mother. Secondly, as you may have noticed, we’ve added a couple new writers to the staff. Most of you all know White Speed Receiver, Chubs K Gun and PJDiaries of Purple Jesus Diaries. If you don’t know those guys, say hi. They’re pretty solid people. Lastly, we’re expanding. Yeah, that’s right, expanding for our loyal audience of 12. While this site will remain primarily focused on sports and dick jokes, we will be folding other things into the fold. This, for example.

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Presumably the highlight from last nights Grammy awards, and without ALL the censorship.


ROTU: Site friend, Brandon, started a mailbag. Nobody asked him a question, so he answered questions destined for other people. continue on for excellence

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