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Thursday September 15th 2011

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What’s On Deck?

An incomplete, inadequate and inappropriate preview of what’s going on tonight in the world of sports and entertainment. All times listed are EST

People like to complain that summer is the dregs of the TV season. They are wrong. Dead wrong. The weeks leading up to Christmas, and right after Christmas is the blackened, festering mire or the TV season. It’s all crappy Christmas specials, and reruns. Entertain me TV, entertain me.

Million Dollar Money Drop: (Fox-8PM) If you watch this, you’re what’s wrong with the world. This is the two hour series premiere and hopefully finale.

The Sing Off: (NBC-8PM) Yeah! Fuck YEAH! This is apparently the season two finale. Apparently. Knowing NBC though, season three probably starts Thursday. Cocks.

South Park: (Comedy Central-8PM) Yeah, I railed on Christmas specials up above, but this is a 6 episode “marathon” of South Park Christmas episodes. Two thumbs up.

Monday Night Football: (ESPN/TSN-8:30PM) There’s been some pretty big suckfests for MNF this year, but this one is gonna be bad. Real bad. Joe Webb or some such random guy off the street is piloting the Vikings against the Bears. It might be in a blizzard though, so there’s that.

Castle: (ABC-9PM) It’s a repeat of the two hour season premiere, but I highly enjoyed that episode, so check it out wont you? Castle is actually one of the most underrated shows on TV and is actually put together quite well. Nathan Fillion, as always, is stellar.

Black Ops Brothers: Howe and Howe Tech: (Discovery-10PM) I’ve never seen this show before but the premise is interesting. Two brothers investigate new and cutting edge military technology. Tonight, they attend a ripsaw weapon demo. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds awesome.

Perfect Couples: (NBC-10PM) This is a sneak peak at the series premiere, which I assume NBC will re-air at a later date? This show seems forced and lazy and might be trying to hard to be a show that already existed under the name of Friends. I’m not one of those fancy guys that gets advanced screeners, so I’m going on word of mouth and trailers on this one. Maybe this show works, but it’s NBC so I kind of doubt it. It does have decent eye candy in Olivia Munn though, and I do like two of the lead actors, Kyle Howard and David Walton. I’ll give it a shot, but I’ll not hold my breath that it’ll be good.

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What’s On Deck

An incomplete and inadequate preview of what’s going on tonight in the world of sports and entertainment. All times listed are EST.

Lie To Me: (Fox-8PM) I keep telling you that this is a good show, and I completely stand by that assertation. Besides, it’s a Monday and it’s not like you have any plans that are better than watching TV. Tonights episode involves dirty cops, drug dealers and the projects.

HR Derby: (ESPN-8PM) Oh yay! Tomorrow is MLB’s All Star Game, which means that tonight is the Home Run Derby. Are you excited to watch Jim Thome, Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard and Ken Griffey Jr. smash some dingers? Well you shouldn’t be, because none of those guys are actually in the event.

The Good Guys: (Fox-8PM) I can not stress this enough, but y’all should give this show a chance. Sure it’s simple, but it’s entertaining. If you guys don’t watch it, it’s going to end up getting canceled and that would be a shame. A shame. Would you expect anything different from Fox though?

Extreme Forensics: (ID-9PM) I have no idea what that channel is and I have no desire to look into it, because I’m sort of lazy you see. Having said that, the show is called Extreme Forensics. Shouldn’t it be xXxtreme 4ensics?

The Closer: (TNT-9PM) This is the sixth season premiere. That means that this show is good right. Six seasons would be a long time to air a crappy show. Oh, so you’re saying that Two and a Half Men has been on for 7 seasons and Charlie Sheen makes something like $2 million an episode, well never mind then. But this show is actually, from what I can lazily gather, fairly decent.

Last Comic Standing: (NBC-9PM) It’s a reality show from NBC so you know it’s quality. Actually, way back when season one aired, I enjoyed this show. It introduced some really funny comics that, though they seem to have fizzled out, produced some solid comedy central specials.

The Hard Times of RJ Berger: (MTV-10PM) I really hate that I’m recommending a MTV created and produced show. I really do. It’s funny though, albeit in a semi retarded way. There’s worse things you could be doing at 10 o’clock at night, like sleeping with me. Unless that is, you were looking to be irritated to the point of falling asleep.

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