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Friday August 26th 2011

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The Gally Blog's 2009 NFL Predictions

Logic: Alright as everyone knows, I’m Logic. I’ve been given much more authority to make predictions than I should.. A retarded monkey that screams on top of a paint can while handing out flowers would have sufficed perfectly. Gally and Gimp are going to get down here eventually. Even though Gimp still hasn’t done our Fantasy analysis. Tsk tsk. What we are going to do here is break down the divisions and make some predictions. And since I’m in a deep focus I’ll let you have it:
Gally: We may not be experts, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t pretend to be.
gimp: Alcoholics, yes. Experts, not quite.

AFC NORTH: Logic’s Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5). I still see them dominating their division with virtually the same team they had last year. In a shitty division too.
Gally:Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5). Last years Super Bowl Champions come into this season thinking that it’s theirs to lose. They return much of a Stellar Defense, and the Offense could see some improvement with a whole season of Rashard Mendenhall.
gimp: Steelers (11-5). If Big Ben can keep his rape stick in his pants I’m sure the Steelers will be fine. I’d like to note, that while the Steelers will win their division, it will be one of the most painful things to witness. To me they’re boring as all hell to watch. Like watching paint dry, or a WNBA game.


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