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Sunday September 25th 2011

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Last Call: The Tardy Tard Edition

The Philosoraptor
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Last Call something something. You know what to do. I’ll be updating tonights as we go, due to me being a tardy tard like the title says.

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Best Fucking Song Ever.


Business Insider: An interesting slideshow of America’s 25 biggest land owners or land barons if you would. The 25 of them own 1% of all the land in the U.S.A. Sadly, no Brett Favre.
Televisionary Blog: An open letter to FX, to try and get them to keep Terriers going. For those of you Amuricans that get FX, do me a favor and watch it okay.
Slogan Maker: This site is an awesome and hilarious time-killer. Enter in a name, title or phrase and get a randomized slogan based on it. Like, The Gally Blog: So good you’ll want it again. The Quick and Easy way with Gally. There’s a Brett Favre in your future.
Cracked: Is it your first orgy? Are you confused on what to do? Fret not, here are some tips for your first orgy.
Daddys Sugar Ball: Some lessons from an amateur father.
WWTDD: Tom Hardy is apparently going to be in Batman the Third. Wouldn’t you know it though, but that asshole Brendon accidentally uploaded topless photos of Lucy Pinder instead of Tom Hardy. What a flaming asshole.
Avoiding The Drop: Two Yellows figures that Bob Bradley should be fired like right now. He’s the US soccer coach if ya didn’t know. Hooligan.
The Phoenix Pub:: Old King Clancy watches the Redskins-Packers game. That is all. Click minions.
Film Drunk: Oh my god awesome. There’s a book coming out and it contains some original Star Wars photos before the CG…….
Warming Glow: There’s kind of sort of a season two trailer for Justified.
Smart Football: Writing about sports in 2010: Four points about two(or three) articles. A very good read.

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Last Call: The Last Minute Studying Edition

Talk about a good bad day

Last Call is kind of like Blogkakke, only on PCP, LSD and ludes. Fucking ludes man. Instead of just being a random link dump, it’s a place to congregate with fellow like minded sports fans, alcoholics and amateur comedians. So come on in, kick your shoes off and crack a beer; then regale us with a witty joke, bitch about that local sports team or give WSR your condolences as he got married this weekend. If you have something you’d like to see here, our contact info is over on the right and there’s always the tip line, tips @

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Adactio: Not only is inception an amazing movie, but it has set itself up to be a timeless classic.
Men’s Health: /facepalm So Men’s Health asked a bunch of women why they have sex. Such a horrible, totally ambiguous question if nothing else. Well, they got 237 different reasons and thought they’d share them with us all. Sometimes I hate the media and Internet.
Brand DNA: Then again, this happens and the Internet goes and totally redeems itself. Paper tweets. Yes, paper tweets. It’s even cooler than it sounds.
Steel Clink Alcatraz: Samer guest posts again with 6 bands that he’d like to punch in the face.
EDSBS: It’s Monday, which means that it’s time for the Fulmer Cupdate. Spencer Hall really is doing the Lords work over there.
The Sporting Blog: You might have heard that Dwayne Wade is a terrorist. That may or not be factual, but Hutchins brings you the quote, the edited quote, the screenshot, the audio clip and anything else you might want to know about the situation.
Hammer Fisted: A preview of Bobby Campbell vs Christian Darrow. Don’t know who those guys are, well don’t worry because there’s rape jokes!!
Extensive Vamping: A note to all you women readers out there, I know there’s a bunch of you: Soy is bad shit. Soy is supposed to be this healthy alternative to everything, but actually contains a lot of hormones and can act as a unwanted natural birth control. Also, it can make women all hormonal and crazy. I’m sure it doesn’t help men out either.
Roger Ebert: The myth of the perfect film, especially as it pertains to certain negative reviews of Inception.
I Am Donald: This is Donald Glover’s personal website. This is a remix of his new song. I can’t stop listening to it, so I’m going to share it with you. Again. Enjoy.

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